The Boy on Fire

I guess this is already old news but still, my gosh, Sam Claflin will play the hot tribute Finnick Odair in the next installation of the Hunger Games Trilogy.

I’ve heard rumors I think since last year and my thoughts after googling him were along the lines of: “he’s too skinny”, “too feminine”, “meh! Alex Pettyfer forever!”, “is he shorter than Jennifer Lawrence?”.

But I guess I judged too early because when Cannes happend OH. MY. GOD. I see why they chose him.


(Photo courtesy of Dave Benett from the Hunger Games UK Facebook page)

His eyes aka his gift to womankind is just as how the book describes him:

“…Finnick Odair’s famous sea green eyes are only inches from mine”

“Tall, athletic, with golden skin and bronze-colored hair and those incredible eyes.”


(Photo taken from but courtesy of Entertainment Weekly/Lionsgate)

I’m still not sure about his height and skin tone though but then again it’s hard to look tall when standing beside the 5 ft. 75 in Jennifer. I guess will just see when the movie comes out on Nov. 22 this year.


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