Can friendship survive the test of time?

“The reality is people change. <insert friend’s name here> may not be the same person you once knew.”- sincere words from my old friend Kevin. This thought saddened me to tell you the truth. But Mr. Cynical may have a point. Could it be that even strongest of friendships become feeble in the face of Mr. time? Or do true friendships originate from the core that even through the passing of time connections still remain? I’d like to believe the latter. But part of me doubted. Could we be an exception to the rule or another just another proof?


(Mayca (hidden), Andrina, Ino, me, and Carlson in Trinoma, circa 2009)

Rewind back to 2009. Andrina, Kevin, Mayca, Ino, Leslie, Carlson, and me were inseparable. Bonded by our mutual hate (or possibly love-hate?) of our majors, we called ourselves the Baklooshna tribe. We were juniors in college.


(Kevin and I stuck in UP waiting for the water to subside during Ondoy)

A little forward to 2010. We all became busy after graduation. I’ve met Andrina and Kevin on several separate occasions since. Mayca and I even worked on the same company. However I only saw both Leslie and Carlson once. It was during Ino’s despedida.


(Andrina, Ino (hidden), I, Mayca, Leslie, and Carlson in 2009)

Fast forward to few hours ago. We were reunited again to celebrated Mayca’s birthday. We were almost complete (Ino’s absent). We had dinner and we watched Epic. It was epic! Us, not the movie. It was as if we last saw each other only last week. Although our appearances have changed, everything else stayed the same. I only realized I really missed them when I saw them. And on the way home, I really can’t help but smile. I’ve proven we are an exception to the rule. Our friendship survived the test of time.


(2013: Carlson, Leslie, me, Mayca, and Kevin. Andrina took the picture.)



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