The Imbalance: My Thoughts On Abusive Relationships

I don’t get it. I don’t understand why almost every time news break out about abusive relationships we hear people or read comments of how “tanga” (a curse word in Tagalog which means stupid),stupid”, “idiot” the victim (man or woman) for being abused. Seriously, I don’t.


Think. No person ever goes into a relationship and asks to be abused. These things happen gradually. As melodramatic as this may seem, we can’t help who we fall in love with. And yet we still see victims being bashed and being called stupid from people who do not even know the whole story.

The recent target of these victim bashing is model/actress, Daiana Menezes. As much as I wish it didn’t happen to her (or to anyone) it already did. Leaving these kinds of comments don’t help.These only show who the real idiots are.

We don’t know the why she did what she did. She probably was scared or threatened and found that taking it to social media was the only option. We can speculate but we don’t know the whole story. However right now she needs support and protection not another round of verbal abuse.


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