Throwback Date

James and I celebrated our six months together in ROC cafe in UP. We had our first “date” here. I say “date” because we were not exactly sure then what it actually was. He could call me dense but I didn’t want to assume. Haha

Anyway this cafe is in Bahay ng Alumni same as The Chocolate Kiss Cafe but less popular. I used to go here during my undergrad to have some alone time or have coffee and cakes with friends. I am a forever fan of their korean beef skewers but I can’t remember why I didn’t order it this time.

The food:
For starters, we had the pumpkin, tomato and basil soup. This is their soup of the day. We had it with a long and crisp strip of slightly burnt bread. I must say, it was not what I was expecting. It was more tomato than basil than pumpkin. I couldn’t even taste the pumpkin. There were also tomato chunks hiding at the bottom of the soup. It was ok. I’d order it again but not every time I eat here.

Then we shared a bowl of chinese chicken salad with fried ramen noodles. Yum! I’ve been searching forever for a local version of Lava Rock Cafe’s Chinese Chicken Salad in Kona but haven’t found anything until now! It wasn’t as good but really, really close.

Then I am ashamed that we finished a whole panizza. But in our defense, we went to the gym the next day. It was good.

Finally we shared a slice of mango cheesecake for dessert. It was tangy, as expected, but not too much.


I was so full! It didn’t matter that I was late for work and we traversed one of Manila’s worst traffic of the year. I spent a few hours eating amazing food at an amazingly chill place with an even more amazing person. I couldn’t ask for more. šŸ™‚



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